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    1. Shalkis

      Eclipses are evolutionary gateways that initiate unpredictable change in a short time. The Lunar Eclipse occurs on July 4th and the annual Solar Return of the United States, forming an ‘in your face’ T-square with Mercury and Mars. Bring on the fireworks! This alignment can be hot, fiery and volatile.
    2. Muzilkree

      Understanding the Relevance of an Eclipse from an Alchemic Perspective. All solar eclipses occur at new moon, that is, when the moon is at its closest point to the sun and has no reflected light of its own. While a lunar eclipse occurs when the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the earth and the moon is at its full strength, a solar eclipse lines these two great lights in one single line from our earth .
    3. Vigul

      Dec 22,  · The New Alchemy, "On The Other Side of Light" Sunday, 22 December Duncan Edwards Reviews - Albums and Singles The New Alchemy creates transformational music from simple elements: voices, guitars, organs, and saxophones.
    4. Dazshura

      The Solar Eclipse always happens at a New Moon, and this is often a time of rest and reflection, planning and looking inward. During a Solar Eclipse the Moon blocks out the light of the Sun, which is a powerful symbol of vitality and virility; a Solar Eclipse is a powerful and highly charged moment that can be felt radiating across the Earth.
    5. Kigalkree

      On The Other Side Of Light, an album by The New Alchemy on Spotify. On The Other Side Of Light By The New Alchemy. • 5 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Solar Eclipse. 2. Creatures. 3. On the Other Side of Light. 4.
    6. Shaktishakar

      Jul 02,  · The dark side of the sun. Outside of an eclipse, the solar corona is made invisible by the extremely bright light coming directly from the sun's visible surface—the photosphere. The photosphere.
    7. Duzuru

      Along with new bandmates, Per Svensson, Mats Gustafsson and Patrick Kaganis, he recorded this album at Europe’s oldest megalithic monument. You wonder what the norse gods will have made of opening track Solar Eclipse, which consists chiefly of Revolution 9-style cacophony, screaming, thunder as well as dark pronouncements about the.
    8. Zulukazahn

      Feb 08,  · Solar eclipses act as major catalysts in life, triggering sudden change and course corrections. I’ve been seeing the upcoming Solar Eclipse appear as a new threshold doorway, that we pass through and connect to our Soul’s life on the other side. This is a powerful leveling up for Lightworkers as we move into a new space beyond.

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