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    1. Arale

      The article The importance of weak ABO subgroups has a section on this, in addition to general information on what weak subgroups are. All quotes in this answer areas from that study. Weak blood types. Weak blood types can be caused by a person having a mutation that leads to not expressing the type A or B antibodies as much, or by mutations in the genes coding for these that mean the.
    2. Faule

      Since the difference in D antigen expression is quantitative and not qualitative, the majority of patients with a weak D phenotype can be safely transfused with Rh positive red blood cells and do not form anti-D antibody. Rarely, individuals with specific weak D alleles such as type and type 15 have been reported to produce anti-D antibodies.
    3. Moogular

      Those with weak D were traditionally thought to have completely normal but significantly decreased amounts of D antigen on their RBCs (note that this is in contrast to classic partial D, in which the person is assumed to have abnormal D antigen in normal amounts on their RBCs). Weak D and partial D are in fact not as separate as we would like.
    4. Voodoorr

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